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We provide high quality and reliable services to our esteemed customers with our product portfolio comprised of different ratios of liquid sodium silicate (waterglass). Please contact us for selecting the most appropriate sodium silicates for your needs.
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Tet International is a liquid sodium silicate producer in Turkey. Since its foundation in 1997, our companyhas become a leadingsodium silicate supplier to top companies in the chemical industry by expanding our operations in the field while prioritising long-term relationships with our suppliers. With the confidence of applying our technical competence and know-how to our products in the best possible way, we act with an awareness of providing the highest quality service possible in the sector in order to add positive value to our customers’ production activities. As a certified company in Quality Management Systems including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 22716 since 2007, we center our production on customer satisfaction with a focus on quality management and environmental awareness. We are committed to always adhering to the highest production standards by staying updated on the changes in global quality and environment standards through regular audits such as Sedex. We offerreliable and high quality chemical supply services to our customers with our product portfolio comprised of different baumé and molar ratios of liquid sodium silicate (waterglass).


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DOSB 2. Kısım D-2008 Sk. No 7 Dilovası/ Kocaeli
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